Fire Suppression Systems for Tractors and Agricultural Machinery

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Fire suppression systems for agricultural machinery

Fire poses a major threat to tractors and agricultural machinery. Especially during hot summer days, the machines reach their limits. Dry grass and hay can easily ignite on the hot parts of the engines and burn the entire machine.

Our automatic extinguishing systems and fire extinguishers both provide optimal fire protection for your machine that can easily be retrofitted. The simplest system works completely autonomously with an analog cable to activate the extinguishing generator. The systems are harmless to people and nature and have a lifespan of up to 20 years.

Thanks to the innovative technology that uses aerosol as an extinguishing agent, your machines and vehicles are reliable, economical and protected against fire 24 hours a day. 

Fire Suppression Systems for Tractors and Agricultural Machinery
Tüv Nord

Our aerosol fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers for vehicles and marine are certified by TÜV NORD

Advantages of our Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems for vehicles

How does aerosol work as extinguishing agent?

The fire is recognized by means of a fire detector, electrical ignition or fully autonomous analog ignition. Our Aerosol generator generates the aerosol and an endothermic reaction converts potassium hydrogen carbonate into potassium carbonate, chemically removing oxidizing substances from the combustion process and extinguishing the fire. At the same time, additional heat is extracted from the combustion process. This way the fire is extinguished in two ways and the chance of re-ignition is considerably reduced. During the extinguishing process, no oxygen is extracted and the residual potassium carbonate product is environmentally friendly and easy to clean up. More information about our extinguishing systems and extinguishing technology.

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