Fire Suppression Systems for Server Rooms

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Fire protection for server cabinets and server rooms

Aerosol fire suppression systems are optimally suited for use in server rooms. Because these systems do not require external pressure vessels and pipelines, installation and construction costs are significantly lower than gas extinguishing systems. Also, no oxygen is taken away on activation.

Aerosol extinguishing systems can be installed directly in the server cabinet or alternatively an entire server room can be protected. The costly and space-intensive creation of separate storage spaces for gas cylinders is not necessary. It is also not necessary to make the objects gas-tight or to completely close off existing openings. Retrofitting is usually also possible without any problems. Aerosol generators are not pressurized and are purely electrically operated without pipelines. Our certified aerosol generators for server cabinets and server rooms are very low maintenance and have a long service life.

Unlike CO2 systems, there is no acute choking risk when using an aerosol system. Because aerosol generators are not pressurized, there is no risk of dangerous leaks. Installed aerosol systems are easy to move or expand when the protective object is used or moved.

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From a single control cabinet to a complete server or technical room, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Due to their high working pressure, gas extinguishing systems generate very high noise levels, sometimes over 120 dB. With modern hard drives, this can lead to malfunctions or even complete failure. Aerosol generators generate a maximum of 80 db and are therefore safe for both humans and machines.

Aerosol Fire Protection concepts

Strategies for Optimal Fire Protection


Fire Suppression Systems for server rooms

1. Fire in an electrical- or server cabinet.

Fire Suppression Systems for server rooms

2. The automatic extinguishing system in the cabinet is activated and extinguishes the fire.

Fire Suppression Systems for server rooms

3. Minimal damage to the relevant switch- or server cabinet.

The direct automatic fire suppression system offers the possibility to fight the fire directly where the fire starts. The unique rapid extinguishing success is achieved by the fact that the very compact extinguishers can be placed directly in the objects to be protected and by the extremely fast response time of our fire extinguishers (usually less than 10 seconds). This provides optimal protection for servers or other electrical devices. This effectively prevents major material damage and the associated failure.


Fire Suppression Systems for server rooms

1. Fire in an electrical- or server cabinet.

Fire Suppression Systems for server rooms

2. Fire detectors are activated and the alarm is reported to the control unit.

Fire Suppression Systems for server rooms

3. The extinguishing system is activated and the fire is extinguished.

The standard system consists of an automatic fire alarm system including a control unit with emergency power supply and one or more extinguishing units. If desired, the system can be expanded with manual activation, audiovisual alarm systems and signals to the fire panel or even to the fire brigade. Our systems can also be integrated into existing fire alarm systems.

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The RSL Fire aerosol fire suppression systems are the only aerosol systems certified by Europe’s number one for fire protection: VdS

Advantages of our Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

How does aerosol work as extinguishing agent?

The fire is recognized by means of a fire detector, electrical ignition or fully autonomous analog ignition. Our Aerosol generator generates the aerosol and an endothermic reaction converts potassium hydrogen carbonate into potassium carbonate, chemically removing oxidizing substances from the combustion process and extinguishing the fire. At the same time, additional heat is extracted from the combustion process. This way the fire is extinguished in two ways and the chance of re-ignition is considerably reduced. During the extinguishing process, no oxygen is extracted and the residual potassium carbonate product is environmentally friendly and easy to clean up. More information about our extinguishing systems and extinguishing technology.

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